Monday, September 19, 2011

this little boy needs all of us!

Some of my dear friends are about to take a HUGE step in the crazy journey of adoption.  They are headed South tomorrow morning to their new son.  God is in the business of placing the lonely in families, and He is fulfilling that promise for an adorable little 16 month old boy and his new FOREVER family.

The FOREVER family going to get their son tomorrow!

This family has been working hard at raising funds since the time God placed adoption on their hearts a year ago, but their adoption still needs around $27000 to be complete and bring the little guy home.  This number seems so big and intimidating and unreachable.  But we know that with God all things are possible, and money is the least of His worries.

God's people, we need you to be generous.  We need you to put your money where your faith is and show the world what living for God and OTHERS looks like.

To donate through check or cash, e-mail me.  To donate online use this Chip-in.

No more waiting.  They are leaving in the morning!  He is waiting for them.  Get giving.

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