Thursday, September 22, 2011


So it occurs to me when I read things from past moments in my life on this blog that I spend a lot of time whining without remembering to be grateful.  Much like life!  Today I am going to not whine and instead share of God's faithfulness.  He is faithful in so many ways, but today is about Macy and His faithfulness displayed in her life.

I have said countless times that whoever God molds Macy to be will be amazing and exactly how life was supposed to be.  As she grows and develops it is the not knowing that causes this momma to wonder and more times than I would like to admit to worry.  Because regardless of ANYTHING we'd love her, protect her and do our best to give the best to her.

So today is more about celebrating that God has chosen in His sovereignty for our little Macy to be a walker while ever aware and knowing that there are so many children that are not walkers and praying they are blessed and loved for who God created them to be.

We celebrate you Macy and who you are.  How God is working in your life.  Thankful for you Physical Therapist, Carrie Loeffler, who has encouraged and challenged you all along the way.

This momma's heart smiles and sets that one "what if" aside and moves on to the next one.  Love you little girl.  So proud of how hard you work every day.

Wish I could have captured each precious moment as they are stamped in my momma memory bank over the past weeks.  Able to glimpse a few for you all to celebrate alongside of us.  Praise God.

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  1. I'm speechless with joy for her and for you. My, how far she has come!