Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mother's Day is a fun day if you are a Mom.  It should maybe be called Lazy A** day though.  Isn't it funny that the majority of us moms when asked what we want for the day is something without our children?  Maybe we'd like a day of quiet.  Or a chance to go shopping on our own.  Or to sit and read uninterrupted.  Father's Day rolls around and we encourage Dads to step up and get it right and be Fathers, spending time with their kids.  On Mother's Day, we encourage Moms to sit back, relax, and enjoy the day.

And taking out the laziness and escape from the children aspect, which seems could be a problem, the stepping back is one of the best parts of mothering.  Don't get me wrong, the hugging and holding and reading and playing is all wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  But my favorite part of being a mom is taking place right now.  I am sitting inside with the windows open (praise God it is finally warm enough for that!) and the kids are playing outside while their wonderful Dad works in the yard.   I can see them and hear them, but I have no responsibility for them at the moment.  I am reflecting.  Even took time to read this blog, my journal of life,  beginning to end, which is a feat as I am so wordy!  And because it took a lot of emotional courage to revisit times of sadness, disappointment, joy, and hope.

Listening and watching your kids be independent is the best gift.  No matter what age they are!  You may hear them say or see them do things that are unkind or rude, realizing you have more to work on as a mom.  But more often, hopefully, you hear and see them do things that make you proud.  Proud of who they are becoming because of your mothering.  Proud of who God is shaping them to be despite your mothering.

Hoping I remember this the next time I want a break from the crazy, that perspective sometimes comes from stepping back.

New Blessings song on Playlist at bottom, Track 16.  LOVE IT!

And for my little treasures who call me Momma--Today, when my Mommy sensors are more alive than ever, I am thankful for each one of you.  You are each such a gift to me.  And, yes, I am missing Gaby.  Sweet girl, what I wouldn't give to be your mommy here for one more day.  Being your mommy changed me.  Love you all.

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