Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I come across a lot of things through this blog world, but today I couldn't sit the computer down without sharing what this family...a family I don't even going through right now in their lives.

To sum up what little I know of them, they moved from California to Indy to plant a church in 2010.  There 2nd child, Jaxton, was born at the end of February and has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and they remain in NICU in Indy.

Their family blog is here.

I don't get things like this.  I am reading about how they are following God and planting a church.  They are in His will, serving Him, doing a whole lot more than most of us believers.  Why would something like this come and disrupt all that?  But even in typing that I know that He has a plan.  He loved Jaxton before He breathed life into him.  He loves these parents and feels their sadness, their hope, their weariness.  I don't have to understand His ways to trust in them.

Please pray for them today.  Pray that God will heal Jaxton.  Pray that these parents will have strength.  Pray that God's story will continue to be evident to all as He receives glory and honor.


  1. Thanks for posting this prayer request. I just spent the last hour reading their story. Housework can wait right?

  2. Absolutely! It never ends so surely it can wait!

    Thanks Abby!