Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Not even sure that is a word, but I don't care.  You know what I mean.

This weekend Gabe and I took Laney out for a day of girly fun.  She enjoyed the Disney Princesses on Ice, dinner with just mommy and daddy, and then a trip to Target for some shopping.  When we sat down and the show began I was overwhelmed.  Laney was in awe and didn't speak or take her eyes of the skaters the entire 2 1/2 hour show.  Watching her experience something she admires, loves, and sees as magical was so amazing.  I was reminded of her innocence.  Her belief that all things in life are fun and wonderful and a gift.  I almost cried watching those silly princesses I was so filled with emotion that she is so young and so pure and so thankful for that.

Yesterday at preschool (that is housed in a wonderful church) they were setting up for a funeral.  Laney came running into my office smiling and all giggles saying, "Mommy they are having a funeral here today.  Isn't that sooooo wonderful."  And my non-innocence came back with, "Well what is a funeral and why would you think it is wonderful?"  She looked at me as if I had lost my mind and she was smarter than me and said, "Mommy, a funeral is when all the people get together and celebrate someone they loved that died and now lives with Jesus.  It is a big party."  Well, did she silence her skeptical mom and put me in my place.  Oh to regain that childlike spirit that sees all that God does, every minute of life as a gift and a chance to celebrate.

This week that innocence was chipped away in a couple of my other children.  As they experienced the hurt of the world through other children I wanted to do some hurting of my own!  I want to protect them from it all, but at the same time want them to learn and grow into what God wants of them and usually that growth and maturity comes with hurt and pain.

And then our sweet baby...she is such a ball of fire.  Already shouting at everyone and bossing us all around.  I love that God gave her that fighter personality, even though I spend most of my day trying to curb it.  This week she stood on her own!  So proud of her.  If she'd get out of her own way and put that fight to good work she'd be running circles around me.  But God wants her to learn one step at a time, or maybe wants me to learn one step at a time, and I will treasure each step for what it is.
Laney and Mommy watching Disney on Ice

Daddy is so fun.  At Target he let us dress him up!

Don't know what happened to this picture, but if you look close she is doing it all by herself!

If Daddy could get the camera to work properly we would have better proof that Macy stood for 1-2 minutes on her own!  YEAH!


  1. wonderful post! Children truly are such a blessing and I love the way you sit back and appreciate/learn from their innocence, faith and hope! What a blessing!


  2. Whoo Hoo for Macy - look at her standing there. Such a sweety and a little pistol all at the same time!