Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why am I so proud of those Lions?

I am not a sports fan.  Used to be a long time ago, but being married to a mega sports crazed man has made me annoyed with all things ESPN.

Last night I was reminded why I love sports.  Particularly high school sports in our state that are devoid (mostly) of the overpaid, overdrugged, arrogant athletes that appear on the television that I can't stand.  High school football to be exact.  Attended my first high school football game in a decade last night because our area high school was playing in the regional game.

Without being one of those women that talk with sports lingo when they don't really know what they are saying I will just tell you the game was exciting and try to explain it with what limited football info I do know.  Lots of back and forth with fumbles and interceptions.  Tied 7-7 with the opposing team kicking a field goal with under 2 minutes in the game.  And then the Lions made their way up the field and scored the winning touchdown with 11 seconds on the clock.

Don't know why that touchdown or the field flooding with kids afterwards evoked such emotion in me.  NO, I didn't cry.  I was just so excited for them.  I don't know one player on that football team personally.  Don't know any coaches either.  But something about sitting in the stands with hundreds of people that are part of a community, my community, my kids' school community was really amazing.

So, good job Lions.  Even all that media garbage about not supposed to have won with so many injured running backs.  While I do feel for those injured boys and their disappointment in not being able to play in the school's first ever regional win, the thing I saw on that field was teamwork.  Even from those injured boys on the sidelines.  That team's spirit was pretty inspiring even for a non-sports fan like me.

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  1. such a fun night! gave me goosebumps reading this post! what an accomplishment for our Lions! it was pretty awesome to sit back and watch our boys having a great time, also --going from running around playing together to sitting and watching the game! Cold night....but so worth it! Glad we got to share your first Leo football game with you! :)

    The Lantz's