Monday, October 18, 2010

a message

I am having a hard time recognizing myself. 

For instance I don't see myself as the mom who is currently helping her kindergarten son practice an oral report about his family.  Part of me wants to correct him and and tell him that it may make his class uncomfortable if he talks about his sister Gaby so he should leave that out.  But something inside tells me to let him describe his family the way he sees it as it is natural for him.  That is hard.

Our famiily has been taking advantage of an organization in our area that helps children deal with grief.  The kids love it and we have been very impressed with the volunteers and the groups there.  But never thought my family would be using resources like this.  We are the people that usually volunteer to help with services like this.  It is hard.

Watching a beautiful family portrait be taken of 2 grandparents and their 9 grandchildren and thinking of the 1 that is not here.  That is hard.

No matter what you are going through in life, it is safe to say most of it will be hard. 

But just when you need a reminder of the natural rhythms of life, the ups and downs that are still very present even when you are walking with Jesus, He sends and "up" your way.

Gabe came home from a business trip last week and as he was unpacking he said that he got a message from Gaby today and shared this story...

He was sitting at a breakfast table with a group of people that were sharing their stories with each other.  Just talking about life and who they were.  The gentleman sitting next to Gabe turned to him and said, "So do you have a story?"  A friend that was traveling with Gabe jumped in and told the table that he did indeed have a story.  And so Gabe began to tell the story.  He said it was hard and good at the same time.  He said that the breakfast table became a place that was captivated by his words.  Complete strangers were weighing in on the story, shedding some tears over it, and sharing in it.  The next day as Gabe was getting ready to leave the gentleman that started it all with the question came up to Gabe and said that he had been thinking about him all night and wanted to share something with him.  This man and his wife had a son go to heaven to live with Jesus when he was 9 months old.  He gave Gabe a Bible verse and said that someone shared it with him when he was grieving and he wanted to share it with Gabe.

So here is that verse.  A letter from Gaby.  A message from God.  This is for anyone of you who has helped someone through pain and suffering.

Galatians 4 :14
Even though my illness was a trial to you, you did not treat me with contempt or scorn.  Instead you welcomed me as if I were an angel of God, as if I were Christ Jesus himself.

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