Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bob's story

Heard a story yesterday that I just had to share.  A gentleman I know pretty well, we will just call him Bob for this post, was doing some shopping this past weekend.  There was a guy sitting outside the store begging for food and Bob decided to take him to Golden Corral (yum!) for lunch.  Bob bought the guy lunch.  Bob ate lunch with him.  Bob spent time with him.  Bob got to know him.  The guy told Bob his life story and struggles.  They began a relationship.  Bob gave the guy all the cash he had with him.  Bob gave the guy his phone number and will probably continue to talk with him.  Bob later called the local rescue mission to see if they'd be able to provide any help for this guy.

Now did Bob solve all this guys problems, get him a job, feed him for life, build him a house?  Nope not yet, but Bob did something.  Something more than many of us do.

Needless to say I am very proud of Bob.  I am also amazed.  Ten years ago Bob probably wouldn't have done this.  Not because Bob isn't a wonderful Christian man who helps others and is gracious.  Because he is and has always been.  He may have seen the guy and made a comment about socialism, America's welfare system, or working hard for what you get and not depending on others.  I am not saying Bob's political opinions have changed, but Bob's heart has.  Bob recognizes that this guy is a person created by God who God wants to be in relationship with.

If all of us that could do something did, we wouldn't even need these systems that can become messed up just like any organization can when run by us messed up humans.  We could actually build relationships with people, help them, love them.  We could actually be the gospel in action.  We could, but will we?

Bob did this time.

Good job Bob.

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