Monday, August 23, 2010


I have found myself leaning on and taking advantage of my friends a WHOLE lot lately. Those of you who I am blessed to call friends, this is for you.

In John 15:13, Jesus says that there is no greater love than one who will lay down their life for their friends. While I believe He is referring to His own sacrifice for us and our response to Him, this verse also reminds me that friends put their lives aside for each other. That is what you have done for my family these past months...laid aside your own lives for me.

Thank you doesn't begin to cut it. It just won't. It is all I have for now though. We have shared so many family life experiences together--holidays, birthdays, graduations, life change, baptisms, someday weddings, and just hanging out times. Last week you walked me through our hardest family experience yet. One that we weren't prepared for. One that didn't quite fit into the fun box of times we have celebrated in the past together.

But, nevertheless, you joined us in the MOST IMPORTANT life experience we can celebrate together with friends--Gaby's joy upon entering eternity with Jesus.

The spirit of friendship that has been present at all our past times together was so powerful for me this past week. Seeing the time and thoughfulness that you each gave in honor of me, in honor of our friendships, is priceless. You showed our family such love and did it in a way that made me feel humbled and special at the same time.

I am not at all surprised by any of you, because I know that you are each wonderful gifts. But, you do continually amaze me as you give more, listen more, and share more, and show me what true love and friendship is.

Looking forward to many more family moments together.


  1. You all are truly a community of Christ followers! I have been amazed by your love, support, and dedication shown. You have taught me a lot about friendship. Thank you for loving and caring for Gabe and Shelley and the whole family!

  2. Dear Gabe and Shelley,
    I haven't been able to talk to you yet, but I've wanted to share how terribly sorry I am that our family wasn't able to be at sweet Gaby's celebration. Dan and I love your family and are so proud to call you friends. We have experienced both joy and sorrow as we have watched you journey through such difficult months. You have inspired us and shown us that even during the hardest times your family is truly centered around Jesus. Know you all are loved!

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