Friday, July 23, 2010

One of those days....

Today was "one of those days."

One of those days that you look back and wonder how it was possible for everything that happened to happen in a single day.

One of those days that brought every feeling possible. One moment we were anxious, the next relieved. Relaxed for a second, but not for long before we were nervous again. Moments we were able to smile, others we were too tense to talk.

One of those days that we go to bed relieved that it's over. Thankful that we made it, but worrying about tomorrow.

Today Gaby had a surgery that was full of risk, but was not optional. Like all medical procedures, a consent forms had to be signed. Our consent form was different though. The form we signed included the words "50% mortality." This was the reality of the day and we knew it.

Gaby did great during the surgery. She came back on ECMO, mostly because they didn't want to push her and wanted her body to rest. They were able to put a 5.0 mm shunt in to replace the 3.5 mm shunt that she had that wasn't functioning. After surgery we were excited that she did well and about the thought that this shunt could buy Gaby the time she needs to get stronger and ready for surgery #2.

Not long after surgery we were starting to sense that things weren't quite right and the staff began to pay close attention to the amount of blood that Gaby was losing (some drainage is to be expected). After closely monitoring, the doctor decided that something had to be done. They first tried to push her off of ECMO, but her body showed that she couldn't handled it. The only other option was to open her back up to find out why she is bleeding so much.

The surgical team came into Gaby's room and Dr. Abraham discovered that Gaby was bleeding in two areas and was able to get this stopped and closed her back up.

Now, after a very full day Gaby is stable and is resting. She is still on every machine and monitor that we want her off of, but for the moment we are fine with that.

So, today was "one of those days."

One of those days that has wiped us out.

One of those days that we will look back and wonder how we did it.

One of those days that was completely out of our control.

Tonight we will go to bed knowing that we made it through a rough day, and if tomorrow's "one of those days", we'll make it again because we know that He will be in control and will provide the strength that we need.

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