Sunday, July 25, 2010

back at the waiting game

We are back at the waiting game here with Gaby. After surgery, Gaby's lungs are full again. This was to be expected from her fluid intake during and after surgery, but it doesn't make the waiting any easier. We are now waiting to see if Gaby's lungs will clear so that she can come off ECMO. The shunt should provide her with enough oxgenation to make up for crummy lungs when she comes off and is breathing on her own. But, it may not make up for completely whited out lungs, which is what the xray reveals today.

The plan and hope is to get her lungs back to where they were prior to heart surgery and then take her off ECMO and watch her new shunt in action. So they are bringing back in the bronchotron ventilator since it worked so well before.

So, back to praying for her lungs to clear and fluid to come off her little body. She is so swollen from her fluid overload that her skin is so tight it looks like it could burst.

We are thankful to be waiting for continued healing and that the surgery drama is over.


  1. I was reminded today that our Savior can, and will, move mountains. He conquered the grave and He is mighty to save. Hold tight to the one who loves Gaby and has a glorious plan for her life. We'll continue to pray for all of you.

  2. Prayers are still coming for the whole family. We love you guys.