Sunday, June 27, 2010


June 25, 2010
June 27, 2010

Gaby has had a rough day. It has been a highly critical, touch and go, don't leave the hospital day. She started the day by going on ECMO, lung bypass. That wasn't helping her numbers get any better so the surgical team returned this evening to convert her ECMO to arterial. So at the completion of that procedure in a few minutes she will be on complete heart and lung bypass.

They will keep her on ECMO to give her body time to recover and rebuild. As of now, that is all we know medically.

We are emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Thank you so much for all of you that are praying and interceding on our behalf. We will continue to update throughout the week as we know more.


  1. I am surrounding you with hugs and prayers. I know this can not be easy. I am here to serve you as a prayer warrior. Strength and healing

  2. Shelley&Gabe-
    My heart is breaking for you as a parent. Please know we all love you and will be continuously praying for Gaby's healing and for the entire family. You guys are amazing and Gaby is so fortunate to have you as parents to fight this battle with her. Brandi

  3. We've been praying for your family and Gaby all day and will continue to do so.

    Adam, Heather, Lauren & Ashley

  4. We're praying for you guys and trusting that God will heal Gaby and that she will be able to come home soon.

    The Hyde's

  5. Our hearts are breaking for you guys! We are praying for Gaby and your family.

    The Strassers'