Saturday, June 26, 2010


Gaby needs healing. Our God can heal, and I want to believe that He will, but for the first time ever since knowing Gaby, doubt is seeping into my heart today. What if He doesn't heal her?

Please pray for her healing. The Rino virus, that causes the common cold in you and I, is knocking her off her feet and has her lungs tightening and resisting any airflow.

I don't want to be doom and gloom today, but I need to share the truth, as it is at this point...

The medical staff here are realistically saying that this is an extremely critical situation. Her condition is worsening and has worsened gradually throughout the day. No one thing is making it worse, her body just isn't responding the way that it should. They are now not only keeping her sedated, but she has an ongoing paralytic drip. She will remain on the paralytic until they see improvement.

Medically, there is no way to know the length of time that Gaby will be in the hospital. She could be here a week, could be here a month, could be here indefinitely. There is no way to medically know if Gaby will ever recover. It is a wait and see how her body reacts to the therapies, medicines, and treatments that she receives.

But that is her medical prognosis. God is sovereign above medicine. I believe that my God can save Gaby. He can perform miracles in her numbers that make no sense. He can give her back to us in a state that is stronger than she was last week. I plead with Him every minute to do this for her. I know that He is able. I know that He is willing. I long to see Him move.

Please continue to pray for Gaby and for us to know the balance of when to stay and when to spend time with the other children. I am really struggling with that today. I was at home last night and today to be with the other kids and to see Keaton's championship baseball game. I am so glad that I could be there for that memory in his life, but the guilt of not being here overwhelms me.

I don't know how to balance that. I am not physically doing anything for Gaby. I sit on a couch in the corner of her room, quietly so as to not stimulate her in any way and keep her from getting the rest she needs. I believe she knows that I am here. I believe I need to be here. But I also know that I need to spend time with the rest of my family. I guess I just need to get over myself and realize that God is with all my children, even in my physical absence, and He will sustain all their needs.

Sorry for all the drama today...hopefully tomorrow will bring more hope.


  1. Oh Shelly,
    I feel for you, I have no idea what you are going through but I feel for you. I think you are so strong and brave, to be so honest and put it all out there, you are amazing. During my journey at C3, I have learned in the short 3 yrs attending church here that God does have the bigger picture. But even knowing that, it still hurts and is very frustrating. Please please let us know what we can do for you, for the kids and for Gabe besides praying!! The Bartnicks

  2. Gabe, Shelley,and kiddos,
    We are praying earnestly for all of you, especially sweet Gaby right now. It has been such a tough road for you all, and we are so sorry Gaby is struggling again. We are praying for your strength, peace and comfort and for Gaby's recovery.
    God is able.
    We love you guys and are hurting with you. Dan and Kim

  3. Oh Gabe,Shelley and kids,
    You have traveled so far already with these girls. I pray that your journey can continue. We do not know what is His plan, but I pray for strength for you to carry on and for Gaby's healing. Gaby has not been far from my thoughts through out today. I will keep her even closer now.
    My prayers are with you and your family.

  4. You all have been in our thoughts - and we continue to pray for each of you.

  5. Shelley, I want you to know that we are earnestly crying out to God on your behalf. Please keep us posted...We love you guys!

    The Lentz's!

  6. Gabe & Shelley
    Praying that the surgery has made an improvement in her sweet body. Such trauma you all are living through. God is in control of the whole situation.