Friday, May 14, 2010

We hope this speaks to your heart and mind with whatever God has you walking through today. We believe that for our family, morning is near.


  1. Our God is an Awesome God! (I've learned to keep the kleenex box close when reading your blog ;-) I can't imagine the tears you've shed. I hope you know that we cry with you both tears of joy and tears of sarrow. I pray that today is filled with tears of His joy! Theresa & Tim M.

  2. Thanks for encouraging all of us with your example and your beautiful words as you ride this roller coaster. We pray for you constantly--that God would be near to all of you, even as you are apart, that God would bring total healing to both of the girls, that God would continue to show Himself in ways you can't imagine, and that God would allow some rest for your weary bodies, minds and spirits. We have followed your journey closely, cried with you and rejoiced with you at every turn. We are looking forward to spoiling those little girlies soon! Much love to you! The P Millers