Monday, May 10, 2010

not all about us

This post is going to be different. I promise that tomorrow I will post about our family and updates on the girls. But, for today, I need to stop talking about myself and my issues. Do you ever get to the point where the sound of your own voice makes you want to puke? That is where I am today, so this is going to be a different voice.

The journey that we have been on has been teaching us to lay aside our pride and accept help and support from others. We are getting pretty good at this, as we realize that it allows the story to broaden and include others and be about God and not us. But I want to be careful not to swing too far in the other direction and become self-centered and let the human "I deserve this" attitude seep into our lives.

God has been working on me in the last 24 hours about being generous. Of course, this is a direct result of our church doing a teaching series on this, but God speaks to me most through my church community and friends so it is no surprise that I am now focused on this area of tweaking in my life.

I have been receiving for a few weeks, and I need to balance my giving so that I can be refreshed. I don't know what that giving will look like, if it will come in the form of money, emotional support, encouragement, faith sharing, or helping. BUT, I am ready and looking for God to reveal where I can give today. Where I can help. Where I can serve Him that is outside of my own family. I want to get that joyous feeling of helping someone else. Yes, that is the selfish reason for it. I want to be a giver today.

I challenge you to check out the teaching series our church is doing by clicking the picture link above. Like I said, I promise tomorrow's post will be about family and this blog won't become this "preachy" voice all the time! I pray it will stir in you God's desires for your generosity and have you looking to give today along with me.


  1. Oh Silly Girl!! You may feel like you have been recieving but the truth is this whole adventure started with Gabe and you being generous. Welcoming two babies into ones house to make them part of a loving family is very giving. Sharing your story with all of us is also giving. You have no idea how much others are gaining from your story. It is very humble and cool of you to not realize how open and giving you are being but you are. I think God Blessed my family and our church with such fine examples.

  2. Oh Shelley, you crack me up! I completely understand what you mean though ~ just know that we all do love to hear how things are going! I promise that when I sent you the text and asked how things are going today and if you need any help, that I had not yet read this post! Too funny! Hope today has been a good day for everyone!


  3. Gabe and Shelley,

    Thank you for sharing your sweet little Macy with me today. I could have sat there and loved on her forever. I also loved to watch Kayden and Laney love on her. They are so proud!


  4. Did you ever stop and think that what was given to you in the past couple of weeks is because of all that you have already given. You are still giving by sharing this journey you are on and by being a blessing to those two beautiful girls so that they can grow up and be a blessing to others. By sharing your story you are inspiring others. But I also understand your desire and need to give also. You are truly a blessing to all that know you.