Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Mother's Day

new pics of big kids and Macy on right

Today has been a great day. It started with Keaton, Kayden, Laney, and I worshiping with our church family. Talk about an awesome time of connecting with God. Every word of each worship song spoke right to my heart and filled me up. I knew that being back at my home church would be what I needed, but didn't realize how much hope it would give me. Feeling the love and support of everyone in that room was overwhelming. I was reminded as God spoke to me through His words from Pastor Bruce of what a mighty God we serve.

He does save. He does bring freedom. He is in every breath my girls breathe. He is with us in our valleys and with us on our mountaintops.

Macy's surgery went great. She is breathing on her own! She is a trooper and not even needing ANY pain meds right now. Surgery Recovery is over and now we are just getting stronger here in our PICU room. She has had visitors holding and loving on her and being with her is such a blessing to us.

Her brother Kayden especially worries about when it is his turn to hold her again and is shaping up to be quite the little baby nurse!

Keaton wants to know all about her numbers, her scars, her anatomy. We are in the process of convincing him to be a pediatric cardiologist.
Laney is just excited to be with the baby. She introduces her to the visitors as, "Here is my sister. Isn't she SOOOO cute."

Still awaiting Gaby's heart cath tomorrow afternoon and look forward to hearing the results of that and progressing toward bringing her closer to home.

We have faith that each of our children feels the love of their Heavenly Father every minute of the day and that He fills their spirits with strength and peace as He continues to do for ours.

Thank you for all your prayers and concern for our family. It is humbling and exciting to be living the plan God has for the Browns.


  1. Praise God! It is so awesome to hear good news and to see that our God is supplying each of your needs!

    Shelley, Happy Mother's Day! I am so thankful that your spirit was lifted today and that you can be with the rest of your family.

    We will continue to lift you up and to pray for lil' Gaby to be reunited with her family. I look forward to hearing what God has in store for you next.

    Amy O.

  2. I am so glad that you were able to enjoy Mother's day with your FAMILY! We will continue to keep your entire family in our prayers as God continues to do HIS amazing work. I am thankful that we have such an AWESOME God that loves us and supports us no matter what. May God continue to work on your tree in the forest.


  3. So, so good to have you guys home! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Miss Gaby! Happy Mother's Day, Shelley! YOu are such a blessing to your family!


  4. Love the picture of Kayden kissing Macy!! Glad you got to spend mother's Day with most of your family.