Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last night around 11pm Shelley, Macy, & I left our sleeping Gaby to go back to our room and pack. Around 1:30am I felt an urge to go check on Gaby (mostly to be reassured that she was still doing well and we were still on track to begin our trip home today).

Instead I found a group of doctors and nurses surrounding Gaby trying to get her breathing properly again. After an EKG, Xray, breathing treatments, and other seemingly torturous activites she stablized. But as the night went on and tests were run it became obvious that we weren't going home today.

The doctors are concerned with her breathing and they are not comfortable allowing her to leave until they can research this further. We are waiting to find out what kind of tests she will endure, but we have heard rumors of her having to go back on the vent while they run them. We have also heard them say that this will take time and possibly another week of investigating what is going on.

Shelley and I are overwhelmed with disappointment and frustration.

Please pray for these test results, for Gaby's strength, and for Shelley and I as we have to figure out how to respond to possibly another week or more in a Florida hospital away from the kids at home.


  1. Sorry for this disappointment. Sometimes it is so hard to understand God's timing and why there are delays. Praying for Gaby to improve her breathing and become stable again, as well as all the details needed for you to stay in Florida for longer.

  2. In spite of this unexpected setback, GOD knows when it's the right time for Gaby to leave. We will keep praying and trusting with you.

  3. Hello Brown family - you don't know me, but I attend church with Dan & Meghan in FW. I have been following your story as my husband and I are the parents of 7 1/2 week old twins who spent a couple of weeks in the NICU after they were born. They are now home on apnea monitors and doing so well. While my girls didn't endure half of what your sweet Gaby is going through, I just want to say that I understand your pain and frustration. Going up to that hospital room day after day is incredibly draining and discouraging, no matter how much faith you have. We had a similar disappointment before we could take our little ladies home. They had both gone a whole week with no sat drops, no apnea or bradycardia...and then the night before we were supposed to be discharged, they each had 3-4 apnea events and heart rate drops during the night, so we were unable to take them home as planned. My heart just broke. All we wanted was to have our baby girls home with us. But now that is all in the past and our girls are home and such a joy to us. We may never understand why we had to go through what we did, but we know that for some reason, it was a part of God's plan and He also has a plan for you and your precious girls. I know many people are praying for your family, even people you don't even know. I pray you will find encouragement and that God gives you a strength and patience you didn't even know existed. Things will get better and you're not alone. Praying for you!