Tuesday, April 27, 2010

meeting Maria

Today we met the lady that gave our daughters life. She knew of Gaby's heart condition before birth and, although she never said this to us, she could have chosen to end their lives. But God had better plans for their future and we are so thankful to Maria for that gift.

To say it was overwhelming is an understatement. She was a young sweet girl and was appropriate in her loving and grieving for the babies. We were able to meet her mother as well, and were encouraged that she will have her family to help her through this time. She is a strong young lady and Gabe and I were impressed with her ability to make this parenting decision of doing what is best for our girls. Watching her hold Macy was heartbreaking as we realized what a selfless act this girl was taking on. She was putting her children's needs above her own and witnessing it was gut wrenching.

We were able to give her a scrapbook we had made for her to keep and set up a schedule for sending pictures and letters to our agency, that will in turn get them to her as she wants them. She also will send things to the agency for us so that the agency can send them on to us and we can share them with the girls as they get older and have questions. It was a blessing to get to know her and even find out things like that she enjoys drawing and working outside and played soccer in high school. Priceless things we wrote down to be able to share with Gaby and Macy as they grow.

We were able to share our faith with her quite a bit throughout our hour conversation and pray that God will continue to give her peace.

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  1. i'm just in tears. i'm sure your visit was so emotional! AMAZED!