Friday, April 30, 2010

GOOD Morning....

This morning we were greeted with a surprise and the news we were hoping for. Rather than waiting until later in the morning, the doctor decided to get the vent out of Gaby's throat first thing. She seems to be responding well and Shelley is thrilled to get to hold her girl.

We'll post more later. Please pray that she will be able to handle being off the vent and breathing on her own. They will also be introducing more food today, so today could be a big test for her and we're praying she responds well.


  1. Yeah! So thrilled for all of you! Praise God---praying for a great day for Gaby!


  2. Give her a protein bar and some gatorade.

  3. Absolutely thrilled for you. Continuing to pray for Gaby's health to improve so that she will soon be strong enough for you to bring her HOME.

  4. Give her some kisses from me! I am so glad to hear you are able to hold her finally! She is probably so relieved to be back in your arms! I am still praying for a quick healing for her.