Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A season of learning

We have seasons of life and faith.  In regards to writing, I am in a season of reading and doing.   I still reflect, but I am not taking the time to share those thoughts here with others.  I believe God gives us gifts for a season as well.  So that HE can use those gifts to bring about HIS purposes.  I don't believe my love for writing has ceased, but it has waned some as God clarifies other gifts and purposes.

One place I am learning from right now in this season of soaking in, is the blog A Holy Experience.  I am challenged daily by the thoughts I read there.  I find myself leaving the blog and diving into God's Word to see what more He will add to set the bar even higher.

I invite you to be challenged as well and let your heart and soul open to the sweet Spirit of Christ as He moves you through the seasons of life.


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