Sunday, February 3, 2013

Greatest LOVE

Thinking a lot about LOVE this past week.  Had a project I was working on for Hope Grafted In that had me looking at scripture about love and found myself studying and praying over God's words.

Particularly amazed by this verse...

John 15:13

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

I love to think about all Christ did to show me that GREATER LOVE.
I love to think about all HE does every day to reveal that GREATER LOVE to me.
I love to think about the sacrifice our Father made that we all could have the chance at GREATER LOVE.

In an effort to show GREATER LOVE...
I rest in peace because I can lay down my life each day at the feet of my Savior.
I realize how much more I can lay down my life for my husband.
I am honored to lay down my life daily for the children God has blessed me with.
I humbly lay down my life for the friends God has given to me to love.

One of the ways our family is working on GREATER LOVE right now is laying down each of our lives for the life of Emmanuel.  Right now, his needs come first.  Right now, his trust is the one thing we long to win.  Right now, his smile is the thing that brings us each joy.  Right now, watching him in his family is the best gift we can receive for our efforts.

As we sit back and watch God bless in simple every day things, we are flooded with emotion recalling these are our son's new experiences with LOVE...

First time with a brother to sleep with.  LOVE how secure and loved he is with a big brother to protect him now FOR LIFE.

A feisty big sister to kiss.  They fight a lot, but play together too and are pretty funny!

A papa to teach him lots of things.

A big brother to wrestle on.

A big sister to be his second mama.

First time playing in the snow.

First time eating Gramma's yummy pie.

A Mimi to spoil him rotten...with treats!

New people and things to play with.

A family and all the wonderful crazy that comes with it.


May God reveal to you the people he needs you to lay down your life for today and may you have the courage and strength to show GREATER LOVE.


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