Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why I think Jesus wouldn't vote a straight ticket

We stay pretty quiet on politics around here.  Frankly, everyone else does a pretty good job of filling up talking space about it so much that we don't need to.

Now that it is the day after though, I want to share my opinions on a few things.

First and foremost, Jesus is King.  He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and above all His will is done.

That being said, from what I know about my Savior, He wouldn't vote a straight ticket.  Jesus looks at the heart of EACH person.  Every person on this globe is a person created in His image and He loves us all and desires that we enter His redemption story.  He sees our heart and soul.  I wish I had that view.  Would make elections a whole lot easier.

And if you are sad, disappointed or frustrated with the election, the outcome, the process, our country in something about it.

If you are sick and depressed because Republicans still hold the House or Democrats still hold the Senate and the White something about it.

And I don't mean turn on the TV and let our social media turn you into a sick pathetic version of what a Christ-follower should look like.  From my perspective, we have enough of that going around.

God is still the only ONE who can change hearts and lives.  Maybe you don't have a direct-in at the White House to form a relationship with Barack, become his friend, share Jesus with him, and sit back and watch God work in his heart and life.  Maybe you'd get in trouble or look a bit like a fanatic if you dropped off some gospel tracts at the Governor's office and asked that he seek God in his daily decisions.

BUT you have someone in your life today that is far from God.  Someone that God has placed in your circle because He wants you to share with that person that life with Jesus here and now is AMAZING. He wants you to share your story with them.  Will you?  These people will be our future leaders.  In business, in the church, and in politics.

Are you as passionate about seeing lost people, far from God, find HIM as you are about which color is filling the US map on election night?

If you don't like the way things look around you...fall on your knees and seek God's grace and mercy for His world...and then get up off your knees and...go and make disciples, telling them the story of what God has done in your life...and then watch Him work, give Him all the glory, and REPEAT.


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