Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Supporting my missionary friend

Now don't go leaving because you think I am about to beg for money for a missionary.  IF you do, you will miss out on making a difference in lives.

My DEAR friend and fellow cohort with Hope Grafted In, Amber, is in Uganda serving with the ministries we partner with there.  She just arrived from Kenya where she spent a couple months with Haven of Hope.  She has spent this week with Sangaalo Babies (AND ISN'T FINISHED THERE) and will be going to Ebenezer Children's Home next week.

Most of this Amber will be mortified that I am sharing with you, but too bad.  She deserves to be PRAISED for her hard work.

So what is she doing?
  • holding babies
  • playing with children
  • reading to them, taking them to church, sharing the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ with them
  • taking babies to doctor visits

  • grocery shopping and SHOE SHOPPING for the orphans
  • building relationships and trust with orphanage staff
  • paying bills out of her pocket to keep the children fed and the lights on (LITERALLY)
  • mentoring and discipling orphanage staff
  • sending pictures and info back here for sponsors
  • compiling lists of current needs the ministries have
  • prioritizing needs, basic survival needs being first 
  • looking over their budgets for accountability purposes and any advice they have
  • meeting ministry boards and talking with them about their plans for the future
And if that isn't enough (and that isn't even the whole list but I didn't want to lose you so I am moving on), she is being stretched and molded to be a servant of the KING.  As He changes her heart.  It has always been a pretty big, super sweet heart in my opinion, but He is making it break ever more for the things she is living.

Yep, here comes the catch.  All this takes money.  NOW, not much money because it is AFRICA.  But she has been spending about $175/week on ministry related travel and needs.

If you know anything about Hope Grafted In, we are brand new as a ministry and we send all of our funding currently over to the orphanages that need our support.  As God leads, we hope to prepare financially in the future to support these types of travel and ministry related research expenses.  BUT THAT ISN'T GOING TO HELP AMBER, and most importantly the ministries she is serving, RIGHT NOW.


Donate here to Hope Grafted In for Amber's HGI related travel expenses so that she can continue her service.  All gifts are tax-deductible!  If you'd prefer to mail a check, please e-mail me!

Thank you for supporting this ministry and work.  We are humbled that you do and pray that you will continue to see God work in us and through us and IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU.


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