Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas in the Brown home was wonderful.  Full of relaxing, playing together, eating!, family and some gift giving.  Enjoy!

Christmas Morning at home

this is what the waiting on the steps pic really looked like.  

We had to come back later after Macy had eaten to try again.

A few stockings...

Keaton's 3 gifts...
Skylanders for the Wii

a backpack for Africa that says Go. Be. Love. (and at right in box an Ipod dock)

Kayden's 3 gifts

a bike (if you couldn't tell)

a DS 

red TOMS (he picked them out!)

Laney's 3 gifts...
a pink DS lite

A Baby Be Blessed Doll and TOMS (not pictured but adorable)

Macy's 3 gifts...
Rock and Roll Elmo

a Baby Be Blessed doll and Tiny TOMS (not pictured but super cute!)

Gabe and I didn't do gifts this year, but he surprised me with this...the perfect gift for me right now...memories from Africa

A few tree gifts...

 A lazy afternoon of playing together...
good Christmas for a bike..sun and 40

Laney playing with every gift at once!

Macy LOVES this Elmo.  
She talks to him like he is alive!  Dances with him!  Even yells at him!

Laney being silly!

Found Macy struggling to get this candy cane.

Finally found one she can get!


An evening at Papa and Gramma's to close out our Christmas

This is the face we get when we ask Macy to smile.

Christmas Story flannelgraph with cousins.

"Come on Ring Those Bells" with cousins

Pretty Christmas tree!

Gramma made all the girls these adorable hats and scarves.
I wanted one!

Macy didn't
but loves her Gramma.

Hoping your Christmas was full of wonderful family memories.

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  1. Looks like it was a wonderful day! We do 3 gifts, too :) Your babes are precious. Merry Christmas!