Monday, September 12, 2011

Uganda/Kenya Trip Itinerary

This isn't an official itinerary from VO!  But it is the best I have right now.  Here you go!  Thanks for all the prayer and support.

Trip Itinerary

Flexibility is the name of the game when you are traveling on a missions trip.  This is the travel plan for my trip anticipating that God will ultimately direct our steps.

October 12th —trip members arrive from all over the country and leave Dulles airport in D.C. for  Ethiopia

October 13th—fly into Nairobi, Kenya
October 13-15 Serve in Kenya
Our home base will be Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage with the opportunity to also serve  at other ministries in Nairobi .
October 16th—sabbath in Kenya

October 17—fly into Entebbe, Uganda
October 17-23 Serve in Uganda
Our home base will be Canaan Children’s Home with the opportunity to also serve at these other ministries in Uganda:
Visit a children’s prison in Kampala through Sixty Feet
Return Ministry in Kampala
Visit the Karamajong tribe, the least of the least in Uganda.  Any googling about this area will break your heart.

October 23-Fly back to Ethiopia through Kenya and then back home on the 24th.

Our team covets your prayers  for protection and unity.  That we would become less.  That His glory would be seen in us and through us. 

So thankful to be part of His redemption story for all.

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