Monday, July 25, 2011

macy's therapists

We are blessed to have wonderful therapists for Macy.  She is learning and growing so much and we think they are both GREAT.  Both of them on occasion have mentioned how much Macy likes to clean.  When it is time to put away toys or wipe them down she wants to help them.  I thought this was funny as I often distract her in the car or at the grocery with a wipe to clean with, and decided to look for some evidence of her being a cleaning freak in other places.  It was easy to find as we have millions of pictures of her on this computer.  Here are the ones I could find...

I was cleaning out garage fridge one day (only happens once a year!) and Macy couldn't resist the fun.
I couldn't resist stopping to catch the memory!

She really does come by it honestly with a cleaning freak for a momma.

She was helping Kayden dust on this day!  

So focused!

She dusts and does floors people!

Another thing our therapists love to work on is Macy's sensory stuff.  We put all types of textures and things on her feet and legs all the time as one piece of this.  She used to hate it, but now finds it funny and does it all the time herself.  Here she is taking it a bit too far at meal time...
Her therapist would be so proud as she explores her peas with her feet!

Such a funny girl.  Love her so much!

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