Monday, May 23, 2011

new addition to the Brown family

We were able to raise $1500 toward the Tullo Kebele playground.  On a day when my humanness is disappointed that we didn't give the entire amount to build the playground, God reminds me ONCE AGAIN that it is all about Him.  This was the amount we were meant to give.  We will continue to support Tullo Kebele and can't wait to see all that God does there through ministries like Children's Hopechest and Starved 4 Hope.

Let me share the story of how He reminded me.  It is funny when I think about it that I was ever disappointed at all.  It is so obvious when you read stories in the Bible about God doing things like filling fishing nets and walking on water how His followers were so silly to ever doubt Him, and not realize what was going on.  Knowing the end of the story makes them seem foolish for not figuring it all out and living fully free lives while He was in their presence.  But living life trusting is A LOT harder than reading about it!

I AM NOT comparing myself to a disciple of Christ in any way!  Just the foolish human part!

I opened my e-mail this afternoon with a message from Starved 4 Hope that included a profile of a little girl that we are going to sponsor monthly as a family.  We have wanted to do this for months after hearing of all the good happenings at Tullo Kebele, but for one reason or another (NONE GOOD) we hadn't gotten around to it yet.  I was reading about the little girl and checking out her cute picture and thinking how fun it was going to be to have a new member of our family.  Because, that is what she is for us.  Our daughter in another country.  We want to pray for her, support her, and love her as we do our children God has given us here to raise.  We believe that child sponsorship changes lives!

And then I saw it.  The name of the sweet little girl is Hiwot Gabiba.  Hiwot means life, holy life.  Gabiba may be where she is from as it is a region of Ethiopia.  It also is translated as a name.  Really, I don't care what the meaning is.  God chose her to be in our family and her name means something to us, so many somethings.

So welcome to our family little girl.  I think in December when I am in Uganda and Kenya I will have to run away to Ethiopia and meet you!

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  1. I love that! We got a letter from our African daughter today. I about started crying reading her sweet words. Lillian was so excited that Mary mentioned her specifically in the letter. We love that little girl who is a part of us across the world. ~Kayla