Monday, April 18, 2011

homeward bound walk

Yesterday our family walked a 5K!  And with a stroller and 4 kids walking leisurely with their friends we finished in under 75 minutes!  It may have actually been more than 5K, as I think the walkers in the front were making their own route as they walked!  We walked with a group of friends to raise money and awareness about all the homelessness that takes place in our city.  Our team was able to raise more than 1000 that was given to the local Rescue Mission and Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Donations are still coming in!  The Fort Wayne walk raised over 9000.  What a fun day for the whole family.  I love serving alongside of my kids and they were real troopers...all the kids were.  Such great attitudes and cheerful hearts.  LOVE IT!

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