Sunday, April 24, 2011

He's Alive

I love this time of year.  Spring, the Easter Season.  New life, so symbolic.

It is so much more real for me now then when I was young.  A love so deep that today I watched people choose Jesus after hearing the truth of His desire to redeem us and I wept for joy--seriously, I sobbed out loud.  SO embarrassing!  

The reality of the cross.  The hope of the empty tomb.  All words I heard my entire life are becoming so much more.  

And yet I still want to do my own thing.  Try to make it on my own.  Daily I must die to myself and be made alive in Him to live for Him.

Words of a friend:

I weep knowing that each time I hide my face, refuse to take this cup the Father has given me, I drive those nails deeper and He in great pain hangs there willing.

Please, whatever the cup is for you today, take it.  He will fill you with the grace and strength you need to do something with it, just accept the freaking cup.  That is what I am going to tell myself daily.

And because Easter is also a day that children look extra adorable, some of our family memories on this special day, Macy's first Easter with her family!

Now we may have been late to church
 to get this picture, but Mommy thinks it is worth it!

Enjoying the sunshine in Gramma's garden.

Laney Mae

Macy Jean

Tea Party with the Easter Bunny?  I think
 Papa is an alien because they ran out of bunny ears!

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