Thursday, April 14, 2011

crazy April

The sun is shining, the sky is clear blue, the magnolia trees are blooming and God is speaking

It has been a year since our lives became a little bit crazier.  Last April represents so much in our family.  It was when our precious daughter,  Macy, came into our lives and we have treasured every moment of the last year with her.  It was when we met Gaby and came to love her as our daughter.  It was our first personal look at this thing called adoption and all that it reveals to us about our relationships with Christ.  It was when we first felt a passion for orphans and knew that God wanted us to do more.  It was the beginning of God bossing our hearts to be more like His.  Well, not really, there is no date that marks the beginning of that.  But if we were to pick a month that God took our lives in a brand new direction, it would be April 2010.

So many wonderful memories over this year.  So many more things we know God is wanting from our family.  Being in this place is good.  Walking with Jesus is good.  Isn't easy or simple by any means, but is amazing and indescribable.

We have been praying for God to reveal to us ways that we can celebrate the month that April is.  A way to mark this past year.  We will be doing things as a family to do this, but also want to do something here on this blog for others.

So, not ready yet to reveal what it is, but it will be here soon and will be fun.  I pray you will want to be a part of celebrating what God does in all of our lives as He shapes us into His likeness.

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