Sunday, February 6, 2011

macy jean,

Today we had you dedicated at church.  This was such a special day.  Your brother Keaton asked Pastor Dan before church started when he was praying with our family what it meant to be dedicated. It is a day that we as your parents and family stand before our church and God and dedicate your life to Jesus.  Knowing Jesus as your Savior will be a decision that you personally will make someday and will be the best decision you could ever make on your own.  But today was about us as your family saying that we want to teach you and guide you in growing in Jesus and that we want to dedicate you back to Him.

You were so sweet as we stood before the church with our family and friends and Pastor Dan talked about your life and the plans God has always had for you.  You even smiled out at everyone and when Daddy handed you to Pastor Dan to hold you and pray for you, you put your hands up on your head and were funny, but you didn't even cry at all!

Someday when we sit and tell you about this day I want you to know that it was so special for me as your mommy to watch all of the people that love you promise to teach you about God's love and stand with us at this life memory for you.  To know that your life was knitted together by God before we even knew you existed and He knew every future decision and impact your life will have.  You bring me such joy little girl and I pray that as you grow into the person God designed you to be that you will always feel loved and cherished for the chosen daughter of Jesus that you are.

Love, Mommy


  1. Another joyful morning at the Hadley home reading your blog.
    So many scriptures are being fulfilled just with this simple obedience.
    We love you tons!

  2. Thank you Michele! How sweet. Glad you posted :)