Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laney Mae,

I can not believe that today you are four years old.  You are growing so quickly.  Mommy needs you to slow down.

I want you to know on this special day how proud I am of you and how much I love the little lady you are becoming.  You have so much spunk and are so funny.  I love that you can be playing dolls and tea party bossing everyone around, and five minutes later be in the driveway shooting hoops in the snow or going on some adventure with your brothers.  You call them "the brothers" and it is so cute.  The brothers said this.  When are the brothers going to be home from school?  You silly girl.

You were Mommy's first little girl and that will always be so special to me.  You taught me all about sparkle and glam and drama!  You keep teaching me about this wonderful unique thing God designed--a mother-daughter friendship.

This year you became a big sister for the first time and boy are you good at it.  You sit with Macy and play and read her stories.  I especially love when you tell her the stories about the princesses and their boyfriends and their ponies.  You are helping her to grow and learn and she is so lucky to have you to look up to.

You just got your progress report from school and do you know what Mrs. Miller said on it?  She said "you are highly intelligent and that you love social time the best and are friends with everyone, but obviously prefer to play with Addy."  Boy is that teacher a smart lady...she has you all figured out!

I pray that as you grow this year you will learn more about Jesus and His love for you.  I pray that you will feel loved and special and know that you are treasured.  I pray that you will always be a kind and loving friend like you are now.  But mostly I pray that God will mold you into what He wants you to be and that you will have the wisdom and faith to follow Him every day.

I love you sweet girl and am so happy I get to be your Mommy.


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