Friday, January 28, 2011

a study on socks

I hate laundry.  I tell my kids not to use the word hate, so I probably shouldn't be using it either.  But seriously, is there a more never-ending, pointless task then laundry?

Today Macy reminded me to be thankful for laundry.  As I was folding socks...YUCK...she started to play with these.  I couldn't resist stopping and playing with her and snapping some memories.  She reminded me that those silly socks are for someone's little feet and I am so thankful for those little feet.

So next time I do the laundry (tomorrow!), while I doubt I will like it anymore, I hope I will remember that I do love all the little bodies (and big bodies) that go inside those clothes!

Now you may think that 15 pictures here is excessive, but it could have been the 46 I started with before editing, so enjoy!


  1. Good things certainly do come in small packages - what a cutey that Macy Jean!

  2. Shelley that was adorable. Isn't it great how socks could be so entertaining. Macy, your aunt Amanda loves you so much!!!! I will think of you everytime I match socks(which is a yucky job)
    Love ya
    Aunt Amanda

    Lauren always had one sock on and one sock off:)