Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freed for what?

A Bible study I am working through has me examining the prison escapes of Paul and Peter.  Check out these accounts for yourself in Acts 12 and 16 and see what truth God speaks to you.

When Peter was in prison alone an angel of the Lord came, freed him, and led him out.  He went to the home of some friends and lives were changed from hearing about his escape.  His freedom.  God's releasing him from chains.

When Paul and Silas were in prison leading their only little praise and worship service God saved them through means of an earthquake that shook free everyone's chains.  I love stories in the Bible like this.  They are so impossible and illogical, and yet they are true and the way that our God works.  Works still.  Paul and Silas stayed.  They were not led out of the prison to change lives in some other place right away.  They stayed and changed the jailer's life.  They were freed and God had them stay to serve Him.  To minister to those still in jail.  Released from chains to remain.

I find myself wondering about my own situation today.  I am thinking of those around me who I know God has freed from things.  From addictions, from sin, from abuse and what He calls them to do with that freedom.  I am blessed to not need freeing from those things today.  But I seek His freedom still.  Freedom from the grief and sadness.  Freedom from the wondering.  From the questioning.  How will God choose to free me?  Will I be freed to stay or freed to go?  One thing I know, I am not free yet.  The chains are looser and I know Christ remains with me in jail.  I am ready for that freedom.  I imagine for me it will be a gradual freeing.  I hope that one day I look back and see that I was freed, have been for awhile, and didn't even recognize the exact moment that God did that for me.  When that day comes I want to be ready.  Ready to stay and serve Him in that place or ready to leave it behind and serve Him in the new place He leads.

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