Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread & Nutcracker Traditions

Enjoying holiday festivals with little girls that think everything is beautiful and amazing makes the season fun.  Laney, Macy, Gramma and I spent the morning walking through the Historical Museum checking out the Gingerbread Festival.  All the creations were very impressive, but Laney picked out her favorites and wanted her picture with each of them.  Macy just liked all the lights and other sparkly things!

The rest of the Historical Museum was boring (sorry not a museum fan), but got a kick out of the old jail that is housed in the basement.  Laney wasn't too sure though!

This weekend Gabe and Laney had a special date.  They went to the Nutcracker ballet downtown.  Laney loved it and has been twirling ever since!

May your week be full of memories like these.

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