Saturday, September 25, 2010

mommy date

Keaton and I had a date last night. We try to do those with each of the kids regularly, but life and busyness creeps in sometimes. That one on one time last night with him was so special. It is amazing how much you can enjoy talking to your son when it is just the two of you and the topic isn't schoolwork, cleaning your room, or fighting with siblings.

So I am sure you are dying to know what we spent our time together doing! We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, his favorite and his pick. He was cute though as he said I could pick and we could go to one of those fancy places that serve lots of vegetables if I wanted! We had a nice time talking about all kinds of things. Kids at school, things that make him nervous, ways he wishes he was different, the crazy sports figures on the 10,000 tvs in that place, and some other things too embarassing to him for me to mention here.

We then headed to the dirtiest place in Fort Wayne, the dollar movie theater. If you enter a theater there 30 minutes early like we did, the lights are still on. I don't recommend it. It is hard to sit comfortably in a seat for 2 hours that you got a good look at in the light. We watched Cats vs Dogs 2, the Revenge of Kitty Galore. Got to tell you, not sure we needed round two of this movie. Seriously, I would love to see a family movie that was appropriate for my kids and slightly interesting to me as well THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE A DOG or some other type of talking animal.

Enough ranting, he enjoyed it. Thought it was the best movie in the whole theater. Laughed at every joke. And that is what matters.

As you hurry through the weekend, take some time to enjoy your kids. Sit down and play a board game. Cuddle up and watch their favorite cartoon. Send them an e-mail or even an old-fashioned letter. You may find as you are trying to be a good parent they surprise you and remind you of the unique cool person God has designed them to be, despite all your failings as a mom.

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