Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blogger hater

So I was a blogger hater. Those are some strong words so maybe blogger disliker is more accurate. Regardless, you get the idea. I thought and said quite often when the topic arose that bloggers were arrogant, self-indulged individuals who thought they had something to say that other people should listen to. I wrote off anyone that tried to share a blog with me I should read. Mostly because I didn't want to think about anyone other than myself. That takes too much time. I still think this some, but my personal experience is changing my view about this blogging, facebook, tweeting junk.

There are times I use this blog to keep people up to date on our family. These posts are mainly meant for our long distance relatives and friends so they can feel closer to us and us to them. You just get the benefit of peaking in on the scrapbook since this is a public place.

But there are times I use this blog to express something that God has been speaking to me. When I do that, the responses and conversations that come out of that are amazing. I think when God reveals something to us, talking about it with others is the most natural way to move forward. If that is what blogging can be, then I will keep putting it out there. Not because I have something great to say, but because there are great things that Christ has to say through His people that may change the world.

Here are a few comments from conversations that I wanted to share because they are too thought provoking to keep to myself. I am sure this breaks some confidence or copyright law, but I will seek forgiveness later. Regardless of agreeing with these statements or not or whether these topics are where my thoughts were when I wrote a post, the point is that the Holy Spirit speaks to us through the Word and through other believers. He is speaking to me through these individuals.

In America it seems these and other words recorded in Scripture to be condemning. We know the abortion slaughter is an ungoing sin. Some of us are opposed to it, we take action through the ballot, through contributions, and through prayer. Some take further action, but the question still remains are we delivering from death? The haunting answer seem to often be no.

I can hear God speaking something to me about something else, but I don't know what He's saying. I don't know why He sent me on a missions trip or asked me to get baptized or prompted me to help a friend this summer. I can guess much of the reasons but can't see the end picture and I know I am not supposed to, but it does keep me wondering. I very much feel changed, but I can't even describe in what way. And He isn't letting me rest again--He is talking again, but this time I don't know what I am suppposed to do or if I am supposed to do anything. If I am supposed to be still and wait, then why isn't He quiet? If He isn't going to be clear, why say anything at all? I get so frustrated sometimes. The one thing I know is I need to keep praying and staying in His Word. See blog post

Here's the thing. We feel specifically called to do more; go hold dying babies, go help a village be sustainable, go live out the gospel in some way. But this requires the ability to walk away. We are tied to our current home/debt/family situation. Until these ties are broken in a way we perceive we will either a)not receive a specific call from God or b)reinterpret His call to do His kingdom work within our current situation. See video

These conversations led to more and more talking and studying on my own and they are stretching me. They are bringing about a discomfort that is a Holy thing. They are also reminding me to NOT search for a door that God is going to open. Who wants to be a door searcher? But to continue seeking Jesus and the passion of knowing Him more, and doors just come out of no where and you usually don't even recognize that they are doors at all.

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