Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some of my very best friends are in Costa Rica right now. They are on a missions trip there. I am so excited for them and to see what God will do in their lives as they allow themselves to be used by Him. I am so proud of them for stepping WAY out of their comfort zones in so many ways to do something that they felt God wanted them to do. I am praying that they have an amazing week and God uses their willingness to serve to touch each person they come into contact with on their journey.

As far as little Gaby goes, she continues to make small improvements of strength. God typically speaks to me through His Word or one of you, but yesterday on my drive back from Indy He smacked me upside the head with a worship song. The song with words from youtube are at the bottom of the blog. I hope it speaks to you today as well.

He is holding Gaby's heart and life in His hands and that is all the confidence I need.

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