Thursday, July 22, 2010

on her own

Gaby is off ECMO as of this morning. She is doing relatively well considering. Her oxygen saturation is settling in at 59 (good for her is 70s). Her carbon dioxide output is in the 60s. So, her lungs are doing about the best that they can on the conventional vent. They are thinking about putting a new shunt in her heart as she may be growing out of the one she has.

So, we are going on a trip to the cath lab this afternoon to have a look and see if that is an option.

We are excited by progress and what is coming next. Although turning this corner and seeing the longer road ahead is tiring. But Gaby is doing her part, so we can stop whining and step up our strength.


Update: Gaby is back on ECMO to let her rest. She did well, but her numbers aren't good enough to keep her off long-term.

They are taking her around 2pm to do a heart cath. This will allow them to look closely to see if a bigger shunt would be a good option for her. The reason they are considering this is because she cannot have her 2nd heart surgery until she gets stronger and this will help her oxygen saturation. In other words, it buys time for her to grow and recover.

If they decide that this is a good option she will have heart surgery tomorrow morning.

If they decide that the surgery is not the right option, they will work to get her off ECMO long-term and work to get her upper right long clear (the rest of her lungs look good).
Cath went good. Heart surgery tomorrow to put bigger shunt in.


  1. The name of the LORD is a strong tower;The righteous runs into it and is safe.

  2. Rejoicing with you and praising the LORD.

  3. Yeah God, Yeah Gaby, keep fighting... stay strong Browns! The Bartnicks