Tuesday, July 27, 2010

keeping her eye on us

Gaby has been waking up over the past couple days. They are letting her come out of sedation periodically to help get more fluid off her body and it is pretty cute. She looks at me and blinks and wiggles her fingers and toes and tongue. It is such a blessing to see her again.

The plan is to continue clearing her lungs and then when they are clear and at her best bring her off ECMO. Our hope and prayer is that her clear lungs are enough to sustain her when that time comes.

May you each have a blessed day.


  1. How cool is that! She's keeping an eye on you while you are looking to the One who is watching over you all. God is so good.


  2. I just ran home from our vacation to check on a couple of things and first thing I looked at was to see the update on Gaby. She's a strong girl! I'm glad that you've gotten to see her wake up. We're still praying for you. Shelley - remember you have to eat and sleep right so you can be strong too!

  3. Someone has to watch mommy and daddy to keep them in line...just wait until Gaby starts telling you what to do. Hang tough, Gaby is! go Gaby go!!! The Bartnicks