Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gaby's Surgery

Today Gaby took a slow trip to the cath lab, some compare it to a train as she is followed by multiple medical staff, monitors, and her ECMO support system. The purpose was to look at her heart and see if a larger shunt would help her cause. What they found was not what they expected.

The cath revealed that Gaby's current shunt is not functioning as it should. She had an echo within the past week that showed the shunt in good shape, but sometime since then things changed. Because of this, heart surgery and a new shunt changed from an option to a necessity. Gaby's heart cannot function without a shunt.

Now if Gaby were in good health otherwise, they would not be putting in a new shunt, they would be performing surgery #2 of the 3-part surgery series. Gaby's current health situation, specifically her lungs, make surgery #2 impossible at this time.

So tomorrow morning, Gaby and the staff will form another train and slowly make a trip to the operating room. At that time, Shelley and I will watch and again, turn her over to the one that created her and we will rest in knowing that He loves her more than we do.


  1. Prayers are heading your way as Gaby Girl goes into surgery - God, please guide the doctors hands, God, please hold Gaby during this time, God, please be with the Brown family. Give them comfort during the wait.

  2. My Prayers are with all of you this morning. The waiting and sweet Gaby. May God strengthen you both this morning.

  3. Praying for you right now as I type for healing for Gaby. Prayers for you, her parents, to have perfect peace that only comes from our Lord.

    Isaiah 26:3 "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you."

    A friend quoted this song recently that has helped to comfort them thru their daughter's battle with cancer. I hope they comfort you.

    -God of Our Yesterdays-

    "We were in the darkest night, and wondered if our eyes would ever see the light, you were there Lord."

    "We were in the stormy gail, and wondered if we'd ever live in peace again, you were there lord."

    "You were there in the struggle, you were there in the fight, You were there all the time!"

    "We praise you, The God of our yesterdays! We praise you, The God who is here today! We praise you, as tomorrow comes!"

    "And so whatever lies ahead, whatever road our grateful hearts will come to tread, you'll be there Lord."

    "So we will fix our eyes on you, and know that there is grace enough to see us through, you'll be there Lord."

    "You'll be there in the struggle! You'll be there in the fight! You'll be there all the time!"

    "We praise you, The God of our yesterdays! We praise you, The God who is here today! We praise you, as tomorrow comes!"

    "You're always closer than we know, you're always more involved and in control. So we will trust our lives to you! The one who was and is and is to come.................................

    Amy O.