Friday, July 2, 2010

Gaby is doing good. She is such a little fighter. Last night as I went off to sleep in the room down the hall I kissed Gaby goodnight and told her to behave. The little booger opened her eyes and looked at me and moved her whole body. Needless to say with all the drugs going into her little body, she should not be able to do this. But it isn't surprising that she can and is. She defies all medical sense in all other ways, so why not in this way as well.

It has become humorous with the staff here as they tease her about it. Yesterday, she slid down so far in her bed they needed to move her back up. During one point of moving a lot the nurse pushed another sedative and she started moving even more. It is as if she is saying, "I dare you to try and keep me lying here in this bed."

I am amazed at her spunk and give all glory to God for the progress she is making. He is clearing her lungs. He is giving her strength. While Gaby and the medical team here are amazing, we still give all credit to our God who is answering the prayers of many. Thank you for your prayers. When I can't speak any words in prayer, I am comforted by knowing that you all are out there interceding for Gaby.

We are planning for all of us to be together down here for the weekend. Some dear friends that live near here have offered us their home while they are traveling for the holiday. We are excited to spend some time all together, almost, as a family.

I hope that you are able to have a relaxing weekend with your family. Take advantage of the fun holiday to see the amazement and wonder in your kids.


  1. Hang in there Shelley and Gabe. Our hearts and prayers go out to you.
    Anna & JDCH Staff

  2. We are praying for you guys alot. Hang in there!
    MaKayla and the rest of the Hansen family.