Tuesday, July 6, 2010

C3 Community

This is to thank all of our friends from Crossbridge for all they are doing for our family. Thank you is very inadequate in comparison to all that has been done and will be done, but it is all I have for now. I am continually amazed by the outpouring of generosity that you all show. Every time I turn around, something else is getting done for us. I imagine I will even forget something, there are so many things, but here goes on giving you a taste of just how great our church is...

There are people bringing us meals when we are at home. Someone goes to the grocery for us each week after getting a list of what we need. I haven't cooked a meal myself since the middle of April!

People come to visit us when we need it, but give us privacy and alone time when we need that.

Someone fixed Gabe's car because of course it broke down right now.

Someone gave us a cell phone to use because of course mine got drowned in a diaper bag and Verizon Wireless wouldn't replace it.

People are taking responsibilities off our plates. They are going on a missions trip in Gabe's place. They are making arrangements and picking up our slack when we don't even know we are leaving slack.

There are people fixing our basement which had some water issues so we don't have to worry about it.

People mow our yard, weed the garden and water the flowers which allowed the kids and I to just have a great time outside playing in the water and sunshine today. Thank you for letting me relax for a few hours and play with the kids. My crazy anal personality would have been up and busy if all those things needed to be done. It was such a gift to enjoy the outside after being gone for days.

People clean our house. Last night when I got home at 10:00 with 4 kids after being at the hospital since last Thursday the house was spotless. Thank you. I am kind of a freak about cleaning my house and to be able to have a clean house when I have no time to take care of it is such a blessing to me.

People take care of our dog when we are all gone.

We have more offers to watch our kids than we have days and times available for them to be watched. The amount of love you are all showing to our kids is the best gift of all. People are offering to rearrange their schedules and have well thought out, fun plans for keeping the kids overnight. They haven't always worked out because of us being out of town, but knowing that you are all thinking of us makes me smile. When I am in Indy and Gabe is working, the kids have so much fun with all of you. They don't even have time to miss us because you have them so busy having fun. This is a HUGE reassurance for me during this crazy time of imbalance.

The love and prayers you send Gaby's way are healing her and giving us strength. I have every confidence that my church community is leading the charge in pleading her case and praying for healing from our Savior. Nothing can show us Christ's love more than for us to know that you all have our backs IN EVERY WAY.

We are so blessed to have you in our lives and long for the day when our whole family can again worship on Sunday morning together there with you.


  1. We are still holding you all up in our prayers daily. Can't imagine the strength you need right now. I would love to come to Ind. sometime and help in any capacity. Please let me know if there is anything you would need or if there's a time that would be helpful. We feel so helpless here in ohio. Love to you all! Jeana

  2. If you guys ever need anything my family and I would be happy to help. We are just a phone call away!