Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The bronchotron appears to be creating success in Gaby's lungs. Her chest xray shows clearing. Her volumes are in the 50s and they can hear breath sounds with a stethoscope that they haven't been able to hear in weeks.

The plan is to continue the bronchotron today and get the right lung clear. Left lung is completely clear today. Tomorrow they are going to push her. Beginning weaning the ECMO flow and see how her body responds. The better she does, the more they will wean. Tomorrow is the day she needs to show that she can do it on her own without her ECMO circuit. We believe this is her best window of opportunity to come off and we are excited.

"God, please" continues to be our prayer.


  1. God, please. Amen

  2. Amazed! Praying along with you.

  3. Great news! Rejoicing with you. The time for praise is here. Continuing in prayer.

  4. God, please continue this good work in Gaby. God, please give strength to the whole Brown family. God, please continue to show your face through this situation. And God, please accept our prayer of praise and thanksgiving for all things you have given us. You are so good to us God.

  5. I will say an extra special prayer tomorrow for Gaby along with my continued prayers for the whole family. God is Great!!!


  6. Praise the Lord!for giving us HOPE today. Thank you Lord. Thank you for the Word-May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope through the Holy Spirit.
    Steadfastly praying in love for you all!