Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hanging In There

Gaby continues to hang in there and is showing improvement. The improvement is slight, but we still like progress.

Gaby's chest xray still shows a "white-out" and depending on who I ask, the xray is either the same or a little better.

Yesterday they were able to suction her lungs and they were able to get a lot out. The junk is so thick that it clogs their system (sorry to be gross, but it does show how bad it is), so they can only get so much out.

Today they came back in to do the same. They were able to get more out and the doctor that came in to do it said she sounds better than yesterday....not good, but better. We'll take "not good, but better." Several people have also commented that there is progress from where she was 2 days ago.

Gaby has a long way to go before she's even off ECMO, let alone out of here. Today we try not to think about that, today we celebrate progress.


  1. Yea God! So happy for progress.

  2. Shelley and Gabe, little Gaby is so in my prayers. I know this is a struggle for you but I ask God to be with you and give you strength. May God wrap His loving arms around Gaby and give her healing and comfort. Blessings to all, Linda Creek

  3. Shelly and Gabe
    Your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers. I've been following your journey with Gaby and Macy. I'm touched and inspired every time I read your blog about this incredible journey you're on.
    God Bless you all!
    Anita Hemmingsen
    (Meghan's step mom)

  4. We Love our cousin Gaby! We pray for you every night and cant wait till you get better so we can play!

    Love you!!!
    Jessica, Josiah and Andrew

  5. Yay for progress!! We are praying for you all and keeping you close in our thoughts! Gaby looks just beautiful with her makeover!
    Carrie Baker