Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Streak

Most people that know me know that I love baseball. Because of this, I was able to appreciate spending three weeks at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. I enjoyed seeing the historic baseball photos, autographs, and decorations that were displayed in nearly every hallway. Joe DiMaggio was one of the best Yankees of all time and his greatest baseball achievement was "The Streak". The Streak is one of those unbreakable DiMaggio hit safely in 56 consecutive games.

Today I reflected on a couple of our family's streaks.

Today was the first day since April 21st that Shelley and I didn't step foot into a hospital....we didn't miss it at all. Instead, we were able to take Macy to church, go hiking as a family, and play some baseball in the backyard. We didn't get the nap we hoped for, but we did get to enjoy a relaxing Sunday as a family.

Tomorrow, Shelley's hospital-less streak will come to end and we are thrilled about it. The reason is because we are hoping to put an end to another streak this week.

On Tuesday, Gaby will experience her 119th consecutive day at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. And if things go as planned, that streak will end.

Gaby has been doing great since they took her off of the ventilator and enhanced her treatment on her lungs. The doctors are pleased with her status and have set a goal to discharge her on Tuesday. So, Monday (tomorrow) Shelley and our friend Vicki are flying down to Florida to get our girl!

The plan is for Shelley to arrive on Monday afternoon and Gaby to be discharged on Tuesday. They will then fly to Indianapolis and will drive to our home from there. They will be traveling by way of a normal commercial flight and will be accompanied by one of Gaby's favorite nurses.

All streaks are meant to come to an end. Sometimes you're disappointed, but not our streaks. We can't wait to give Gaby and our family a break from the hospital and enjoy sometime at home...where we all belong.


  1. Praises to God for this GREAT news!!!!!

  2. How great is our God and greatly to be praised. We'll continue to pray and trust God to bring little Gaby home this week.

  3. We have always been praying for the home run! Thanks for the great new. Last week I prayed for the 18th to be the day, God let that prayer FLY! Thanks God!

  4. We are praying for their safe return. Your family is in our prayers.
    The Crooks family