Monday, April 26, 2010

Gaby's surgery

Surgery was successful. The GI surgeon said that she did beautifully. She came back from the surgery intubated because of the special anesthesia that they use for patients with heart conditions. It is hard to see her like this, but we continue to believe in His timing and His healing for her little body. Keep praying, we feel your strength all the way down here. Thank you so much for all the phone messages, posts, and e-mails of encouragement. We have needed every word that you share. Beginning to feel exhaustion setting in and need to have God's strength as our own is depleting.


  1. I am so glad to see that Gaby pulled through just fine! I am sure that you guys are so exhausted and ready to be home and get into a new routine...I remember that feeling well! Know that you are covered in prayer and we look forward to meeting the girls!

    Love you guys,
    Heather Lantz

  2. Hang in there guys, she needs you. Take naps! Kids are doing great back here no worries. I sat on Kayden for a while last night. He didn't like it much but it was good for him. Pizza and times. Just waiting for you to bring home the 'goods'...We love you all.

  3. praying for strength & rest for you guys...


  4. Glad to hear all went well! We will continue to pray for all of you! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys!

  5. So happy to hear everything went well. Just wanted to say hang in there. These little girls are so blessed to have you guys in their lives! I have been praying for you all on a daily basis.

  6. Hi there, you don't know me, but I teach with your mom,Paula, and she has been telling me about your journey. Wow! What an amazing heart for the Lord you have! May He continue to strengthen you! Praying for you.---Nancy

  7. Had a great birthday spending it with my sweet,Keaton,Kayden and Laney Mae....They are doing great....
    we had prayer for Gaby Hope this morning..(Kayden, Laney Mae and Stella)in was so sweet..
    Love you,

  8. Wow, This brings back so many memories for our family of long hospital days and nights. We did not know the impact of Jesus's fingerprints our us, it was hard having blind faith sometimes, But God was so Good! These times represent your "9 month" sacrifice you have made to all your kids , the time taken for God to form every part of there being and yours. You are amazing obedient, If we would told you were going to be sitting in a Hospital in Florida on April 26th 2010, with Gabby and Macy, you might have thought it crazy, BUT THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE DID NOT!
    Be a blessing as you are a great blessing to us!