Thursday, January 14, 2010


Macy is our youngest and was born and adopted in 2010.  Being her mom has been the gift that showed me how much God did to adopt me into His family.  Her life has brought about more life change in me in my relationship with Jesus in the past 2 years than in all the other 32 combined!

Macy LOVES to get her own way.  I am not talking about that cute baby wants to do everything herself as she learns and becomes independent.  I am talking about stubborn, hard-headed, my way or I SCREAM don't try to test me willfullness.  And I love it.  I am confident God gave her that to keep her surviving in her first months of life, and amazed to see Him develop it as she grows.

Things don't come easy for Macy, and while at first glance she appears lazy, she really is a determined little girl.  She just doesn't like to not be able to do things and when she is frustrated or struggles she would rather do something else she is good at.  Aren't we all like that?!  Watching her learn and develop has shown me so much about myself.  Because unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the day and moment, I am just like her in so many ways.

Macy is so funny.  She likes to make funny faces and giggle and run around doing naughty things to get her siblings to laugh at her.  Her new phrase is "Where are you" except she says it more like, "R U?"  I find her looking for things constantly...."Stella R U?", "Laney R U?", "bib R U?"  That last one was the funniest.  She wanted a snack and couldn't find her bib in its regular place (poor kid has an OCD mom) and she was searching everywhere for that thing!

I am thankful for God bringing hope to our lives through Macy, and for His love in her life.

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