Thursday, January 14, 2010


Kayden is our second son and was born in 2004.  Kayden made us a family.  Keaton gets a brother and that changes him for life!  He now has to learn to put others before himself.

Kayden has always been our physically gifted child...for lack of a better description.  The kid can dance, he can do flips, he can run fast, he excels in any sport he tries.  He just can.  He also works hard at things.  He will spend hours doing a task when he is focused.  If he wants to organize his room and clean it...after an hour of working it will be as if a professional home organizer has been there.  He will spend hours out on the driveway shooting baskets and dribbling.  He just likes to be moving and has the determination to keep working.  I pray that leads him to do great things for God.

Kayden is also very sensitive.  He is the one that gets upset and is touched when he learns of something sad.  He struggled the most outwardly with Gaby's death.  He was the one that loved babies, would hold them and knew how at a very young age!  Knows what they want and what they are saying with their cries.  It is quite amazing!  Gonna make a great dad sometime.  But this gift changed some after Gaby.  For a long time he wouldn't have much to do with Macy.  It was as if his little spirit was hurt and he didn't want to use his baby gift anymore.  Thankfully he is healing and that spark and love for little ones is returning.  LOVE that his heart is so tender and pray that it always remains sensitive to God's leading.

Kayden is also our clown.  He likes to show off especially for guests in our home.  Sometimes he is a little LOUD and out of control and drives us crazy, but he just loves to have fun and for him loud and lots of moving is fun.  So thankful for God's joy shown through Kayden!

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